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News & Events

Fresh New Orite
As an IT solution provider, Orite has always been fresh, and try to maintain the freshness of ideas. However in the past few years, sadly we haven't integrate any of the freshness into our own web presence. That's why today is a special day for Orite, we had an offical launch of the new website, where we can review, remember the past and look into the fresher Orite.
MilleMiglia & HiTech Mufflers are online
With the help of Mr. J. Eadie, Orite is pround to present you the website for high performance mufflers for sports cars, with light AJAX interaction to showcasing prestiege car photo galleries and muffler sound galleries. For more information please visit MilleMiglia & HiTech Mufflers.
Orite Developed SAS, a RIA system for Shipping Agency
Years after developing customized freight forward operation database application, Orite is proud to announce the rich internet application based on PHP/MySQL and AJAX - SAS (Shipping Agency System). SAS is really a milestone to Orite's web development team, which advances us into the brand new RIA era.
Colouright, a whole-flash interactive site solution

At the time when Orite's own website is just bunch of HTML files, we have always been trying to provide the best possible solution to every client. While Colouright is the one more than supportive to us, whom offer the first commercial office space to Orite, a lovely place. We then in return brought up a full Flashtm website for Colouright's graphical company presentation, check it out at http://www.colouright.com.au

Gradpro, a Web-based HFC Network system for OPTUS

In the early Orite days, Gradpro is really a overwhelming project, the partnership with EBNetworks is really more than cooperative, but all about redefine the web development scope for both parties. This is when Orite learnt how web development could be more than "web development".

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