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Our Services

Orite provides one-stand, comprehensive web services to build and support your e-business strategies. By integrating our advanced framework technologies with custom solutions, our services may beyond your expectation.
Currently we focus on the following featured professional services:
Website Design
Effective web presence is essential for brand building, stimulating sales and revenue, easy remembering. It requires far more than some good looking pages, great web design needs in-depth understanding customer’s business and decent implementation of designs and technologies. Orite IT professionals and Designers are experienced on creating high standard websites for companies with different size and business scope.
Website Development
Orite developers are adept at developing from small presentation sites to big database-driven portals. We use advanced programming languages and technologies (Framework, PHP, asp.net, Flex…) to make website fast, stable, use friendly, search engine friendly, and powerful in functions.
Web usability/performance Evaluation
Orite provides FREE basic web usability/performance evaluation services for potential customers; you can click here to apply an online evaluation easily. For integrated and customized evaluation and consulting services, please contact us, we will help to determine the best strategy for long term success of your online business.
Intranet is the site to serve inner company staff. Extranets extends that site to remote workforce and vendors. They are all stakeholders in your Internet Presence. Intranet and Extranet will benefit your company on better management and increasing efficiency.

Flash and rich interactive technologies can improve the interest and presentation of your website remarkablely. Orite's rich interactive solution combines glaring design with high-functional back end system, will make your site uniquely outstanding.
Search Engine Optimization
More than 85% of all website traffic generates from search engines. Internet users worldwide perform 11 billion searches monthly using major search engines (especially Google, Yahoo) and other directories, but  only 7% of them look further than the  third page in the  search results. So please check your page rankings in all major search engines. If the results are unsatisfactory, it’s time to use Orite's Search Engine Optimization services.
By using Orite on-page SEO and off-site SEO, your site’s search rank and visit will be improved remarkably (40-6,000% better than before), which means better brand cognization and much more sales leads.

Email Marketing
Email is another good channel to maintain your customer base and promotion. Orite provides an email marketing solution for creating HTML email messages, exceptional customer service, flexible integration with existing technology and the highest email deliverability standards in the industry. 
Domain Names and Hosting
Registering a domain quickly and easily by Orite with affordable prices. Orite also provide quality web hosting services.

There're many other correlative services. If you have any intention to move your business online, do not hesitate to contact us.

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