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Intranet and Extranet

An Intranet can help a company or organization to:

  • Enable collaboration 
  • Expand sales 
  • Reduce and avoid costs 
  • Save time 
  • Improve productivity 
  • Improve customer support 
  • Improve efficiency 
  • Increase information accessibility 
  • Improve communication

Intranets should help employees collaborate on business processes such as product development or order fulfillment, both reducing costs and increasing value for a company and its customers. Specifically, intranets centralize elements of the business process in an easily accessible, platform-independent virtual space. Successful intranets allow employees from a variety of departments to contribute the different skills necessary to carry out a particular process.

While each department of a company may have its own virtual space, intranets should be organized primarily around the business processes they help employees carry out, rather than the organizational chart of the company.

An extranet enables access to your applications and information via a secure distributed channel. Users can login from any internet connected computer in the world.

An extranet allows you to target suppliers and customers with precise and specific information at a dramatically lower price than traditional channels.

Orite provides Intranet/Extranet solutions that let your company staff the access resources they need via network. From back-end software integration to multi-site customer relationship management, Orite can create the right Intranet or Extranet for your company.

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