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Application Development

Orite helps clients to attain their business goals by designing, developing, integrating and supporting mission critical web applications and systems.


Web application development requires different approach compared to regular web development. Although technologies remain the same, the focus would be shifted towards product evolution concept development, version control, product update schemes, testing etc.

At Orite we place special emphasis starting from early planning stages on architecture and system requirements to make sure the product would have a long life cycle and would be easy to maintain and to develop. Good application architecture is a guarantee that future product upgrades, version control and distribution will not turn into a nightmare.

Orite has one-upped development level than most competitors. We are adept in most developing languages as well as different platforms and databases, no matter a totally new implementation or reversion of existing systems. All of Orite developers have sound academic and working experience on IT, which can guarantee handling the work professionally and smoothly.

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