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Question: How much do you charge for your web site design services?

Answer: Web sites are not like other purchases. We create a web site that is tailored to your specifications and addresses your goals. For that reason, each web site will have different costs associated with it. In general however, web site costs will run AUD$2,000 and up.

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Question: What is the client's involvement in the design process?

Answer: As the client, your design and content preferences drive the creation of the web site. We spend time gathering all the information on what your goals are and what you would like the site to look like and convey. In addition, while we are creating your site, we may contact you with questions if necessary.

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Question: Who owns the copyright for work Orite has done for me?

Answer: Until final payment has been made, the web site is the property of Orite. After final payment, the site becomes the property of the client.

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Question: What is the turnaround time for a typical web site project?

Answer: A small site can take between three and five weeks to complete. Larger sites can take a few months. Overall, we always communicate the anticipated timeframe it will take to complete your site.

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Question: What are the main steps to getting a presence on the Web?

Answer: The main steps are:

  • Register a domain name or divert an existing domain name for your website.
  • Purchase Hosting service from Orite or other venders.
  • Collection of user requirements and materials
  • Planning, proposal and pricing
  • Design,developing website, tesing, modifying
  • Market Your Web Site, SEO implementation
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Question: Can you guarantee my site will appear on the first page in a search engine?

Answer: There is no way to guarantee high search engine rankings. What we offer is complete set of services to maximize your web site rankings. It is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our SEO service can help you enhance your site so it ranks well in the search engines. If you sign on for ongoing SEO service, your long term chances of attaining top 10 search engine rankings are very good.

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